In June 2011 I turned 50. Since I am getting older, I feel that I should slow down and enjoy my bike rides more. So I will being doing more solo riding and touring that will give me the time to just ride and enjoy.

The purpose of this blog is to share my ride 'events', insights and experiences with others.

Enjoy my blog and hopefully you will get something out of it that will benefit your own riding.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oregon Coast Bike Ride 2013 Wrap up

I know it has been almost three weeks since I abandoned the ride.  But personal issues have taken its toll on me updating this blog.  I finished riding on Wednesday and stayed in Brookings until Monday.  I was not feeling well and did not have the ambition to update this blog.   We returned to Beaverton on Monday, Nancy was admitted to hospital on Tuesday with pancreatitis.  She was there for 8 days, during this time I just was not up to updating my blog.

On Tuesday August 20th I found out the reason for having the issues I did on the ride.  I have been diagnosed with A-fib, which has not settled down since the ride.  As I mentioned in my day 4 blog, I thought my heart rate monitor was going a little 'bonky'.  Finding out I had A-Fib fits in with what I was feeling during those last two days.

I had a lot of fun on this ride and really enjoyed meeting everyone along the ride.  I felt that I was riding at a moderate pace and just enjoying the ride.  My symptoms were that of either dehydration or bonking from not eating enough, but I knew that I was eating and drinking like I should have been.

So today was my first time back on the bike since stopping the coast ride.  I rode 15 miles, was out of breath the entire time, felt like I was a the end of a century ride.  My heart rate accelerated quickly and did not decrease during the entire ride, even though I was doing a 'light ride'.

Well Thursday I will see the cardiologist and find out what treatment he has planned.  This has really put a damper on my riding and what I enjoy most in life.  Hopefully I will come through this and be able to fully enjoy cycling like I have in the past.