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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oregon Coast Bike Trip - 2013 Day Four

So here it is day four, well actually the morning of day five.  Day four was a hard day for me.  I got up at 7:30 but did not seem to have any energy.  I was the first one up in camp, but the last to leave.  Today's  goal is Honeyman  State Park just south of Florence, approximately 63 miles with only one climb 13 miles before Florence.

After getting breakfast and packing up I was finally on the road at about 9:45.  I had put on my heart rate monitor, which should a resting heart rate of 148,  that is usually my endurance pace heart rate. A few small hills going into Newport and then across the bay bridge.  This bridge is better/easier to cross than the one in North Bend.  Heading south across the bridge it is not much of a climb so it is quicker to get over it and back out of traffic.  From Newport to Waldport I was stopping frequently,  really out of breath and my heart rate in the 160-179 range.  I think my heart rate strap needs a new battery.  In Waldport I tried to find one but no luck.  I did rest and drink 12 oz of chocolate milk and 12 oz of regular milk.

I finally make it to Yachats at 2:00, almost 4 1/2 hours to go 30 miles.  I will have to check my GPS when the ride is done to see what my actual traveling pace was.  I stop at the Historical Drift Inn, had a Enchilada Mole with rice and beans.  I was able to get a battery for my HR strap but could not get the Garmin to see it with new battery, putting the old one back in the monitor would see it and pulse rate of 72 when I was not wearing it.

I seemed to have a little more energy after lunch than I did in the morning.  Energy even picked up a little a while latter, but I was still short of breath going up hills.  Saw Freddy and Leslie about this point, we leap frogged each other up the Heacita head climb.  Finally done with the climb it was a nice down hill to a few rollers, 6 miles worth, before I got to Fred Meyers.  Picked some more HR strap batteries,  container or mixed melon and a small container of grapes and posted day three's blog.  It was then on to the laundromat,  took about an hour to get the laundry done.  I was able to charge my tablet, nook and cell phone, I also ate the melon while waiting.  After laundry had to retrace my route for a 1/2 mile to pick up a Subway sandwich for dinner.   I had seven more miles to go to the campground it, was already 7:20pm and my energy seem to have let me again.  I got checked in and into the hiker/biker site just after 8:00.  Got the tent setup and sat down to eat my dinner.  After dinner I headed to the showers, then it was back to camp.  Got my sleeping pad and bag setup and was to sleep shortly after 9:30.

Shortened blog today, as I want to get a little earlier start today.

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  1. Sounds like you need to eat more. And drink more. A sip every 15min, and a bite every 20-30 min.