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Monday, January 14, 2013

ProForm Repair Update

Well, I was hoping that having a different company responsible for the maintenance and them using a different company for the actual repair might speed up getting my ProForm Tour De France trainer repaired sooner than the manufacturer.  I really should have know better since Universal Technical Services (UTS), ProForm and Ifit are all owned by Icon Fitness.

So the rundown so far:

Jan 1, 2013          TDF stuck in 20% incline
                                Incline calibration shows = results show a bad Trans Max value = 0

Jan 2, 2013          Called Icon extended warranty service
                                LAPD Engineering will be the company taking care of repair.
They will call and schedule an appointment.
                                Shipping sensor wire to me via standard USPS. 
                                Will take approximately a week for it to arrive.

Jan 3, 2013        Received notice that sensor wire was shipped

Jan 5, 2013          Received call from technician assigned to do the repair.  Explained what was going on.
                                He said he would ordered more parts.

Jan 7, 2013        Received notice that parts were ordered (lift motor and power board)

Jan 8, 2013        Received notice that parts were shipped
                                Received sensor wire and Teflon grease

Jan 10, 2013        Received lift motor (did not open box, thought it was both lift motor and power board)
                                Sent  notice to LAPD Engineering that parts arrived

Jan 11, 2013        Received power board

Jan 14, 2013        Left VM at LAPD Engineering stating that I had not heard from them yet.

Jan 14, 2013        Received call from Technician, repair scheduled for Jan. 23rd.  (Next available date)

So currently it appears that I will have a functioning trainer only 3 weeks after I first notified UTS of the problem.

The service plan that I purchased is the "Premier Warranty".  Their website says unmatched customer service.  Not sure any other company would want to have service levels that match their poor service.


  1. Bike was actually repaired on Jan. 23rd.

  2. What turned out to be the problem?

    1. They replaced the lift motor, but it failed soon after. So they replaced it again. Now it has failed again, but this time they think that it is the wiring.

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  4. I have had the exact same problem. Bad trans max value = 0 on May 15. Parts delivered May 30. Bike repaired yesterday, June 6. Rode 10 miles last night and bike broke down at mile 6.4 this morning. Bad trans max value = 0. I couldn't even get 17 miles in before the bike broke down again. Did you ever isolate the problem to the wiring or did the motor have to be replaced again? BTW, I am on motor 3 currently so this would be motor #4. Very frustrating. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Can anyone explain which wires were the cause of the bad trans max value? I am getting this code and replaced the incline motor and wires, power board and resistance motor with no success.

  6. Thanks for sharing your views and problems! It's really an informative post.

  7. I am experiencing the same problems with that error code. I have replaced my board because they said that was the problem. Still no issue resolved. Then they told me I needed to replace the motor. I said I had just given you $200 and you expect me to spend another 450. Fortunately I did buy this unit at the Goodwill for a $150 but I have still yet to spend 450 for a motor when I put power to it the motor does work

  8. I am on 2 nd board and 2 nd rear bearing. Now i have bad trans value 0 b this is the worst piece of junk i ever bought! Ive spent 1800 on bike and repairs!

  9. I am on 2 nd board and 2 nd rear bearing. Now i have bad trans value 0 b this is the worst piece of junk i ever bought! Ive spent 1800 on bike and repairs!

  10. the same thing has happened to me with my bike and the error message. The bike was giving to me so I dont want to spend any money on repair., my question is it still usable?