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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oregon Coast Bike Ride 2012 - Day 3

Posting this late, yesterday was a tough day. Started out with the 2.5 mile 1000 ft climb up to Cape Lookout. Did this climb last year, it was a lot tougher. I know it took longer, I will have to compare stats with last year. It was cool going up but did not need a jacket until I was heading down the other side.

Had a bit of a tail wind into Pacific City. Too early to stop at my favorite place, The Pelican Pub & Brewery. The tail wind continued back on Hwy 101. Deanna and Carolyn (Squirrelgal) pulled into the viewpoint area, while I was taking a breather. They mentioned that Slab Creek Rd was closed in July.

We decided to stop in Neskowin to verify. No seemed to know for sure if it was open yet or not. One gentleman said he saw 4 cyclists heading up near the Neskowin school. We arrived at the turn off. Signs said that the road was closed 4 miles in. Another sign said not passable by car or bike. We decided to stick to Hwy 101. It was a steeper climb and really took its toll on me. Had a nice long downhill into Lincoln City.

Took East Devils Lake Rd, you avoid the traffic and little to no shoulder through downtown, but you have more climbing that mostly rollers. Stopped at Roadhouse 101 for lunch, had the teriyaki chicken burger. It was pretty good, had two grilled chicken breasts on it.

It was then on to Depot Bay and the Otter Crest Loop. The loop is the way to go, very little traffic, nice wide bike lane going up hill an not as much climbing as 101.

Decided to go on to South Beach S.P. instead of Beverly Beach S.P.. Had a nice tail wind, but by the time I got into Newport I was cold, low on energy and feeling too much pain. Decided to spend the night in a motel.

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Location:Newport, OR

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