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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oregon Coast Bike Ride 2012 - Day 1

Friday was a hectic day. Forgot a few things, I will cover this after the ride, as well as what I packed and other tips.

Today started early, earlier than I wanted it to. The dogs woke Nancy up at 5:30am, I tried to go back to sleep but it was no use. The bed was just not as comfortable as my own, and the pillow was worse.

Decided to get up and get ready. Took a shower and all the other usual morning routines. Then it was on to packing the trailer. Got everything in but the floor pump. Tried several ideas then gave up, I had never taken it with me before why start now. By the time I got everything packed, I was dripping sweat.
Packing was done, now a short ride to breakfast. Nancy met me at the Astoria Coffee House and Bistro.  Had a Denver omelette with potatoes and a biscuit. Omelette and potatoes were very good, the biscuit was barely passable.

Took the river walk because I was following the adventure cyclist map I purchased. Sections are wood with trolley tracks down the middle. This was tricky riding with a trailer, at times you had to cross over the tracks. They were recessed into the wood but there was a 4 inch wide slot right next to the track.

Took business 101 out if Astoria and then on to Ft. Clapsop Road. I stopped at the memorial and wandered through the exhibits. Had a gentleman approach me and ask if the bike outside was mine. Told him that it was, he was impressed with my setup, said it looked like I knew what I was doing. He wanted my email or phone so that he could find out more. I gave him my card to my blog. [Hope you are reading this and find the blog beneficial].

Was about to leave when I heard there was going to be a demo just past the fort. Lucky for me or I never would have seen the replica fort that was built. The demonstration was on muskets. The gentleman giving the demonstration was very good. He was entertaining and informative, he did more than just give a demonstration.

The Lewis and Clark River Rd was my route to Seaside. It was nice enough, very little traffic but no shoulder and more climbing than 101 has between Astoria and Seaside.

Reached Seaside, took the promenade, but ran into huge crowds because of the beach volleyball tournament going on. Off to the side roads and stopped a picked up one item I forgot. Grabbed a milkshake from McDs as I was craving something but did not want lunch yet.

Had the first real climb between Hwy 26 and Cannon Beach. The climbing this year seems a lot tougher. I think my trailer weighs the same as last year, likely the extra 35 pounds I gained since last year!  Stopped at Warren House Pub as it seemed less crowded than everything else and I was running out of options. The Ruben was okay, the meat on the second half seemed dry and powdery. Don't know why I didn't notice anything wrong with the first half? Too hungry?

Leaving Cannon Beach I had my second big climb of the day. Seemed worse than the first hill.   Not really that warm out, but climbing these hills had me sweating more than I ever had on a ride.  Finally downhill and into Manzanita, the stop for the night.

Arrived at Nehalem State Park campground. Chris greeted me upon entering the hiker/biker camp area. He is traveling south as well, says he wants to make it to San Diego (more a matter of money than time). He was the first here, I had arrived shortly after a father with his two very young daughters. Setup my tent, hit the showers, and then back into town for something for dinner. Gabbed a ham sandwhich from the grocery and deli, it was huge! Also got potato salad, a drink and a small Haagen Dazs ice cream cup.  Back at camp there are more riders that came in. Deanna and her friend Carolyn (Squirrelgal), both from the Vancouver BC area, heading to San Fransisco,   Two other couples and a late arriving pair of guys.

Now it is time for some well deserved rest.

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  1. Hey! I made it to San Francisco. :) Deanna was ill and eventually had to stop riding at Gold Beach. She headed back to Canada and I rode on. I found 2 other Canadians to ride with for 4 days, then I rode mostly my own.

    I'm back home now, back to reality. :*( But time to save up for the next adventure! Hope your trip went well..