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Friday, August 16, 2013

Oregon Coast Bike Trip - 2013 Day 5

I woke  up about 7:30 after a long nights sleep.  The day looked cloudless and should be sunny most of the day.  I fixed my coffee and oatmeal, then packed up camp.  Katie said that she would be staying in a hotel the next two nights, so I told her goodbye as I would likely not see her again.  I started out on the days ride, but my phone went off before I got out of the campground.  My mother had called, I returned the call.  Katie passed me while I was on the phone.
Katie and I leap frogged each other until the last hill before Reedsport.  The section of 101 between Honeyman and Reedsport is nice.  The shoulder is good sized most of the way, and traffic on a weekday morning was not heavy.  I had left Honeyman feeling good, like I had my energy back, I was not feeling drained like yesterday.  There were a number of short hills before the first real climb of the morning.  I was doing good for the first hour and then the energy went again.  I felt like I could not catch my breath while climbing and that is when my legs lots their power.   I thought that I would just work through it as the day's ride was only 54 miles and only two climbs.
I was on the first climb going into Reedsport, when dizziness started to accompany the shortness of breath and lack of energy.  I was nearing the top of the climb and could see the crest of the hill,  I tried to push through the dizziness,  this was a mistake.   I  lost my balance and nearly fell into the highway.   Caught myself at the last second, but ended up bruising both legs and my left ankle keeping myself upright.  After a rest I finish the short bit of the climb.  It was then downhill to a short flat ride into Reedsport.
It was only 11:30 but I decided to take a break and have an early lunch.  After eating I was feeling pretty good again, and soon I was back out on the road.  There is a short steep hill in Reedsport and then a gradual rise as you leave.  I started to get dizzy on both of these 'non-climbs'.  I have never had this issue before while cycling.  Being tired and having a shortness of breath I felt I could deal with, but the dizziness was a more serious matter.  At this point I decided to end the ride.  It would do me no good to get dizzy and fall, especially if the shoulder was narrow and traffic was passing.
So here ends my 2013 Oregon Coast Bike Trip.  Even with the issues I had on this ride, I still enjoyed it and all the people that I met on the way.  I still intend to keep doing bicycle tours and enjoying the scenery at a slower pace than driving.  I plan to ride the Oregon Coast again in a few years, it really is the most beautiful coastline in the US.

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