In June 2011 I turned 50. Since I am getting older, I feel that I should slow down and enjoy my bike rides more. So I will being doing more solo riding and touring that will give me the time to just ride and enjoy.

The purpose of this blog is to share my ride 'events', insights and experiences with others.

Enjoy my blog and hopefully you will get something out of it that will benefit your own riding.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Preparing for Solo Touring

So today is packing day and driving to Astoria, where I will start my week long ride tomorrow.  I have been asked what I take and why, so I thought I would share my packing list and what I learned from previous trips.

I started my list from other lists, here are a few that I referenced to start mine.
My list can be found here:

So first thing is, I haul a Burley Nomad Trailer.  A lot of discussion on other sites about which is better: panniers or a trailer.  I will leave that discuss to others, trailer is just my preference

Fenders and handlebar bag are a must.


  • I use a REI half Dome 2 tent.  I like the large tent so that I can store my belongings inside out of the weather.
  • Sleeping bag liner - it keeps the sleeping bag cleaner longer, keeps me warmer on cold nights and I can use the liner alone on hot nights.
  • Flashlight to see at night outside the tent
  • Battery tent lantern for light in the tent,  I hang it from the top of the tent
  • Seat cover - I use my helmet cover to keep the dew of the seat overnight


Take what you need for the time that you will be gone.  Take into account the expected and unexpected weather.  Also consider if you will be washing your clothing while touring.  Washing will cut down on the amount of clothes you need to take.


Taking any type of electronics is all a personal choice. 
  • I like to take my Garmin GPS for routing and tracking. 
  • Ebook or tablet for reading and posting to the blog if I can find WiFi. 
  • Cell phone for emergencies. 
  • Solar Panel and extension cord so that I can keep everything powered up. 
  • Camera of course.


Most of the places you find to camp will likely not be close to where you can get something to eat.  I take coffee and oatmeal for making my breakfast.  I get lunch and dinner on the road, I just stop and get what I feel like at the time.  Sometimes it is a restaurant, a deli sandwich, pizza or whatever is available.  I use a JetBoil stove, one cup/glass, one plate and utensils is all you really need.

Personal Items

  • Chamois cream or similar if you have a need for this. 
  • Personal hygiene items, cyclists all know you need to wash up after a days ride
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant are two items you do not want to forget.
  • Small first aid kit, just in case.  If you don't take one, you will need it.
  • Laundry detergent if you plan to wash in camp, or save money at the Laundromat
  • Dog spray, pepper spray, knife or whatever 'weapon' will make you feel safe

Cycling Items

  • Tools and parts so that you can do your own repairs on the road.  You don't want to end up walking for miles to find a bike shop.
  • I take two locks.  If you get to camp and decide that you need to go to the closest town to get something.  You can lock up your trailer and leave it at camp and still be able to lock up your bike at the store.
  • Road ID and water bottles are also on my must take list


I pack my clothing, electronics and anything I want to keep dry in Sea to Summit Dry Bags.  Most other items I will put into stuff sacks grouping similar items.  This makes packing, unpacking and finding what you need a lot easier.


  1. Hi Brent

    How much does your total kit weigh?

  2. The bike with fenders, rack, u-lock and handlebar bag weighs approx. 30 pounds. The trailer fully loaded is between 60 and 70 pounds.