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Monday, August 12, 2013

Oregon Coast Bike Trip- 2013 Day Two

Woke at 6:30 after a good nights sleep.  Headed to the restrooms for my morning routine.  On the path to the showers there was a Church group that had set up an awning.  They were offering free coffee, hot chocolate, cookies and banana nut bread.  So I had a nice little snack before breakfast.  The guys running this were very nice,  they said they had about 100+ members there that weekend.

Back at camp I started my coffee and then the oatmeal with pecans, cinnamon and honey.  New this year for me is my JetBoil camping stove.  It works very well, heats up 20oz in just minutes, slow cooking the oatmeal took about five.  This stove is well work its weight.  Finished my coffee and oatmeal then had the banana that I bought last night.  Packed up everything, the tent fly was soaked so it did not get put away, just packed on top of the dry bags.

Soon it was off down the road.  The ride was going to be nice today, no real hills to climb, except for the one up to Cape Mears.  The day was overcast but no rain was to be expected.  Rode into Tillamook with out stopping.  Had a little mist around Bay City but other than that it was just cloudy.  My first stop in Tillamook was the Tillamook Cheese factory.  Stopped here for lunch, ordered a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a side of coleslaw and a lemonade,  no ice cream :(.   The sandwich and coleslaw were both good.  I was then off to Fred Meyers, I needed some new headphones and inserts for my cycling shoes.  Ran into Bob and his son Jack at FM,  we had been leap frogging each other all day.  Jake said he would watch my stuff while I was in the store.  Picked up what I needed and a gallon of bottled water.  It was then off to the three capes loop.

I arrived at the turn to head toward Cape Mears but a sign warned that the road was closed, so it was towards Netarts that I went.  One very small hill this way and then into Netarts its self.  Since I was going to miss the climb and be early into the campground I decided to stop at the Netarts store and deli.  Picked up a ham and swiss and something to drink for dinner.  I was then off to the campground.

Arrived at the campground and checked in.  The park ranger said that they were open until 10pm and if I had anything that needed charging to just drop it off.  Got my tent setup and packed my gear to head to the showers, dropped my GPS and cell phone off at the registration building for charging.  I think that I really enjoy a shower more after riding than any other time.  The showers here at Cape Lookout are larger than most as they have a 2x3 bench outside the shower stall to sit on, instead of the standard 8"x12".

Retuning form the shower it was time to type up this blog and get my sleeping bag and pad setup for the night.  As I was writing a lady by herself pulled in, I said hi and she came over to talk for a bit.  She said she is from the Netherlands and was traveling from Gearhart to San Francisco.  She was traveling with others but they seem to want to not travel as far each day and she was looking forward to some time in San Francisco once she got there.  Had my ham and swiss sandwich while writing this, not it is time to finish putting things away and get ready for another good nights sleep. 

Until tomorrow.

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