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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oregon Coast Bike Trip - 2013 Day Three

Today started with what would be the largest climb of the trip.  The climb seemed harder this year than past years, I attributed it to being heavier this year and carrying more gear.  I would find out later that the cause was something else.

At this point would like to mention a nice women I met at Cape Lookout, Great,  she is from the Netherlands and is cycling from northern Washington to San Francisco.  We discussed my blog and cycling in general,  we talked about what I have learned and things I have not touched on in my blog.  I will have to discuss these some time later.

The ride down from Cape Lookout was great just like all downhill rides should be.  I had left the campground before Great did but she arrived at the summit the same time I did.  I think I enjoy going faster downhill than she does as I did not see her again until she arrived at Beverly Beach after I got there.  I arrived in Pacific City and stopped at the Pelican Brew Pub, one of my favorite spots on the coast.  The annual Reach the Beach ride ends in at the Pelican Brew Pub.  They did not have WiFi so I headed off to the Stimulus Coffee shop across the street.  Had a cinnamon latte and a large piece of coffee cake, I used their WiFi to post my blog.

After Pacific City it was fairly flat with just a few short climbs until Neskowin.   At Neskowin it was off 101 and on to Slab Creek road and old highway 101.  This is a very nice alternative to using 101.  The climb is not as steep but the route is longer in distance but I don't think that it take any longer time wise.  It is also a lot more scenic and I had no cars pass me on this small side route that was 10 mile long.

It was then into Lincoln City.  I usually go on East Devils Lake road and avoid most of downtown Lincoln City.  This year I decided to go through the city.  it is not as bad as I thought it might be.  The hills are not as numerous as on East Devils Lake but you do have to deal with more traffic and lose the better scenery.  I stopped at Roadhouse 101 for lunch,  think they are change to Rusty Truck Brewing at least that is what all there beers were, believe it on not I not not have any.  I have their pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and fries.  The sandwich had onions on that were not cooked but also not raw, it was very good one of the better ones I have had.  The coleslaw had a lot to be desired, the fries were good.

So I was leaving the Roadhouse and noticed that the bike seemed to be dragging.  I checked the trailer because that is what it felt like was the problem.  I then check the rear tire to see if the brake was rubbing on the disc, it WAS!  I had been riding the last 3 days with the rear brake slightly contacting the disc, no wonder this year has felt more difficult.  So if you ever remove a tire to do a repair, make sure to check it several miles later to make sure that everything is correct of you may end up spending more energy than you need to expend.

So from Lincoln City it was on to Depoe Bay and finally to the Otter Crest climb.  If you ever do this coast trip make sure that you do not miss this turn off.  It is much easier than 101, it has  nice bike lane and very nice views.   I stopped at the top to take in the view, it was worth it.   Then it was downhill to Otter Rock, I was not feeling hungry so I did not stop like I had planned.  I was then traveling on to Beverly Beach for the night.  I stopped at the Beverly Beach grocery, which did not have a lot to select from for dinner.  I picked up a can of chili as looking like the best choice.

Then into the campground to check in,  the ranger said that they were full, I said 'hiker/biker', oh we have plenty of room there.  I was not the first into the campground but was the second.  Shortly after I arrived others that were at Cape Lookout or Nehalem Bay showed up.  Setup the tent, headed to the showers for a nice warm shower and them back to camp.  On the way back I saw Stan and his son Jake just checked in,  I talked them on the way up to the camp site.

Cooked dinner and sat around talking with everyone.  It seems like this year everyone is traveling to the same campgrounds.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to introduce a few of my new incidental travel companions  to you in future blogs.

It is getting late so that is all for today

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